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CadetsI Want You (Cadet 994 - 19xx)
CadetsStranded In The Jungle
CadillacsBetter Than Ever
CadillacsCool It Fool
CadillacsDown the Road (Josie 778b - 1955)
CadillacsGloria HARD LIMIT
CadillacsMy Girlfriend
CadillacsPeek A Boo
CadillacsShock-A-Doo (Josie 807a - 1956)
CadillacsThe Girl I Love
CadillacsWoe is Me
CadillacsYou Are
CadillacsYour Heart is So Blind (Josie UNR - 195x)
CalumetsEvery Beat of My Heart
CalvanesDon't Take Your Love
CalvanesDreamworld (Deck 0712 - 1958)
Camelots (Blue Notes)The Letter
CamelotsChain of Broken Hearts (Acapella) (Relic 530a - 19xx)
CamelotsDon't Leave Me Baby
CameosI Remember When
CameronsGuardian Angel (Cousins 1003) (1961)
CapitolsAngel of Love
CaprisGod Only Knows
CaprisIndian Girl
CaprisLove Poems
CaprisMorse Code of Love mono
CaprisMorse Code of Love
CaprisOh Darling
CaprisShip of Love
CaprisThat's How Love Goes
CaprisThe Way That I Love
CaprisThere's A Moon Out Again
CaprisThere's a Moon Out Tonight
CaprisWhere I Fell In Love
CaprisYou Are
CaprisiansWhy Do You Have To Go - Smooth West Coast Doo Wop Ballad [VDownloader]
CardinalsOff Shore (Atlantic 1090b - 1956)
CardinalsOne Love (Atlantic 1126b - 1957)
Carla ThomasGee Whiz
CarloStranger in My Arms (Laurie 3227b - 1964)
CarnationsLong Tall Girl
Carol Blades with the HarptonesWhen Will I Know
Carol CummingsJust to Make You Mine (Checker 983b - 1961)
Carol FranEmmitt Lee
CarouselsIf You Want To
CascadesLittle Betty Falling Star (RCA 47-8321a - 1964)
CashmeresLittle Dream Girl (Herald 474a - 1956)
CashmeresSinging Waters (Laurie 3088a - 1961)
CaslonsAnniversary Of Love (SEECO 6078 - 1961)
CastaleersI'll Be Around
CastellesDo You Remember
CastellesMarcella (Grand 114a - 1954)
CastellesMy Girl Awaits Me
CastellesThis Silver Ring
CastellsDoo Wop - Track 3
CasualsSo Tough
CatalinsGive Me Your Love (Little 811a - 19xx)
Cathy Jean & the RoomatesPlease Love Me Forever
CautionsOn Our Way to School (Torre - )
CavaliersDance Little Girl
CellosGirlie That I Love (Apollo 516b - 1957)
CellosRang Tang Ding Dong
CenturiesIn This Whole World
CezannesPardon Me
Chairmen Of The BoardDangling On A String
ChaletsFat Fat Fat Mom Mi O
ChancellorsThere Goes My Girl
ChancesThru A Long And Sleepless Night
ChannelsI Really Love You
ChannelsMy Love Will Never Die
ChannelsThat's My Desire
ChannelsThe Closer You Are
ChannelsThe Girl Next Door
ChannelsThe Gleam In Your Eye
ChantelsEvery Night (CD-M-58)
ChantelsHe's Gone 1959
ChantelsIs it Because
ChantelsLook In My Eyes
ChantelsThe Plea
Chanters5 Little Kisses
ChantersAt My Door
ChantersI Make This Pledge (to You) (Deluxe 6191b - 1960)
ChantersMy, My Darling
ChantersNo, No, No
ChantersOver The Rainbow
ChantersRow Your Boat
ChantersStars in the Sky
ChantsSweet Was the Wine (from UK)
ChaperonesCruise To The Moon
ChaperonesMan from the Moon (Josie 891b - 1961)
CharadesPlease Be My Love Tonight
ChargersDandilyon (RCA 7301b - 1958)
CharmStop Look Listen
CharmersThe Mambo
CharmsLing Ting Tong (Deluxe 1954)
CharmsMy Baby Dearest Darling (DeLuxe 6056)
ChavellesValley Of Love
CheckersDon't Stop Dan (1954)
CheckersSomewhere Over the Rainbow (1954)
CheckersWhite Cliffs of Dover
CherokeesMy Heavenly Angel (UA 367a - 1961)
ChessmenLola (1961)
ChessmenWays Of Romance (Accapella) (Relic 1016 - 19xx)
ChestersThe Fires Burn No More
ChevronsLullaby (Brent7007 - 1959)
ChevronsThat Comes With Love
ChiffonsEasy To Love (So Hard To Get)
Chi-LitesTwelfth of Never
ChimesDing Dong
ChimesDu Wap (Limelight 3002a - 1963)
ChimesI'm The Mood For Love
ChimesLet's Fall in Love (Tag 447a - 1961)
ChimesOnce In A While
ChimesZindy Lou
ChimetonesBring Back The Love
ChimetonesBring Back The Love
ChipRubber Biscuit
ChipsRubber Biscuit
Cholli MayeYou Will Never Get Away
ChordsSh - Boom A Capella
ChordsSh - Boom
Chosen FewSummer's Love (CoOp 511a - 1967)
Chuck A LucksHeaven Knows (I Love You)
Chuck BerryJohnny B. Goode
Chuck BerryMaybellene
ChuckA - Lucks - Heaven Knows (I Love You)
CimeramasCrying for You
Clarence Frogman HenryAin't Got No Home
Clarence Frogman HenryTroubles, Troubles
Classic IVWhat Will I Do
Classic SoundsAt Last
Classic SoundsI'm So Young
Classic SoundsKiss Kiss Kiss
Classics IVTrue Story
ClassicsDancing with You
ClassicsEnie Minie Mo 1963 45- Musicnote MX 1116
ClassicsI Apologize
ClassicsJe Vous Aime (RoAnn - 1959)
ClassicsPS I Love You
ClassicsSo In Love
ClassicsTill Then
Classmates All I Want Is To Love You (Radar 3962 - 1962)
CleftonesCan't We Be Sweethearts
CleftonesCuzin Casanova (Roulette 4161b - 1959)
CleftonesHeart and Soul
CleftonesHe's Forgotten You
CleftonesLittle Girl (I Love You Madly)
CleftonesLittle Girl of Mine
CleftonesLover Boy (Gee 1048a - 1958)
CleftonesMy Dearest Darling (Old Town 1011b - 1955)
CleftonesNiki Hokey
CleftonesRight from the Git Go
CleftonesShe's So Fine (1958)
CleftonesWhy Do You Do My Like You Do
CleftonesYou Baby You
ClickettesBecause Of My Best Friend
ClickettesLover's Prayer
Cliftonaires Sandy IUnknown Album (9/5/2012 2:56:05 PM)
Cliftonaires Wayne SmithUnknown Album (9/5/2012 2:56:05 PM)
CliftonairesKingdom of Love
ClimbersAngel in Heaven Know I Love You (J&S 1653b - 1957)
ClimbersMy Darling Dear (J&S 1653a - 1957)
CloudsBaby It's Me
CloversBring Me Love
CloversDevil or Angel
CloversLove Love Love
CloversYour Tender Lips (Atlantic 1094b - 1956)
ClustersDarling Can't You Tell
Clyde McPhatterA Lover's Question
Clyde McPhatterLong Lonely Nights
Clyde McPhatterLovey Dovey
Clyde McPhatterTreasure Of Love
Clyde McPhatterWithout Love (There Is Nothing)
Co EdsLove You Baby All The Time
Coasters(When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes to Me
CoastersCharlie Brown
CoastersDown In Mexico
CoastersHey Sexy
CoastersI Must Be Dreamin'
CoastersIdol With the Golden Head
CoastersJust Like a Fool
CoastersLittle Egypt
CoastersOne Kiss Led To Another
CoastersOne Kiss
CoastersPoison Ivy
CoastersRiot In Cell Block #9
CoastersSmokey Joe's Cafe
CoastersSorry But I'm Gonna Have to Pass
CoastersSweet Georgia Brown
CoastersThe Hatchet Man
CoastersThe Shadow Knows
CoastersThree Cool Cats
CoastersTurtle Dovin'
CoastersWhadaya Want?
CoastersWhat is the Secret of Your Success?
CoastersWrap It Up
CoastersYakety Yak
CoastersYoung Blood
CoastersZing! Went the Strings of My Heart
CoastersZing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
CobrasI Will Return (Modern964-1955)
CobrasLa La
CODsMichael (Kellmac1003-)
CoedsLove You Baby All the Time (Old Town 1027a - 1956)
CollegiansTonite Oh Tonite
CollegiansZoom Zoom Zoom
Columbus PharaohsChina Girl
Columbus PharaohsGive Me Your Love (Esta 290a - 1958)
CommandsNo Time For You (Dynamic 104 - 1966)
CompanionsFalling (DOVE)(240)
CompanionsIt's Too Late (Arlen 722b - 1963)
ComputonesSummer Night (Acappella)
ConcordsCross My Heart
ConcordsShould I Cry
ConservativesThat's All
ConsortsA Fool In Love
ConsortsTime After Time (Apt 25066a - 1962)
ContendersThe Clock (Java - 1966)
ContinentalsDear Lord
ContinentalsFine Fine Frame
ContinentalsPicture of Your Love
ContinentalsYou're An Angel
Cookie and the CupcakesBetty and Dupree
Cool BreezersJust Room for Two
Cool ChangeStreets of the Bronx (Bronx Tale-1993)(VOL BOOST)
Cool ChangeStreets of the Bronx (Bronx Tale-1993)
CoolBreezersGreatest Love of All
CordellsThe Beat of My Heart
CordialsListen My Heart (Whip 276 - 19xx)
CordovansCome On Baby
Cornerstone featuring Golden Voice Harry LIVEHave You No Heart
CornerstoneGloria My Love
CornerstoneGloria My Love
CorsairsSmoky Places
CorvairsLove Her So (Clock 1037a - 1961)
CorvairsTrue True Love
Court JestersRoaches
CousinsGuilty (WYNNE)
CreationsThe Bells
CreationsWe're In Love (Take Ten xxx - 19xx)
CrescendosOh Julie
CrescendosSchool Girl (Nasco 6009a - 1958)
Crests16 Candles
CrestsBaby I Gotta Know (Coed 561b -1962)
CrestsFlower of Love
CrestsI Do
CrestsI Thank the Moon (acapella)
CrestsI Thank the Moon (COED 500)
CrestsIf My Heart Could Write a Letter (Coed 535 - 1960)
CrestsLet Me Be the One
CrestsLittle Miracles
CrestsPretty Little Angel
CrestsSix Nights A Week
CrestsSweetest One
CrestsThe Angels Listened In
CrestsTrouble in Paradise
Crew CutsSh-boom
CriterionsDon't Say Goodbye
CrosstonesMy Side Of The Story
CrownsPossibility (Old Town 1171a - 1964)
CrowsBaby Doll (Rama 50a - 1954)
CrystalairsDing Dong Teenage Bells
CrystalairsHere Comes Christmas
CrystalairsSooner Or Later
CrystalairsStar of Truth
CrystalsI Do Believe - I Love My Baby
CrystalsI Do Believe
CrystalsI Love My Baby
CubsI Hear Wedding Bells
Cuff LinksIt's Too Late
CufflinksGuided Missles
CupidsTroubles Not At End (Chan 107b - 1956)
Curtis and DelJust To Be Loved
Curtis LeeGee How I Wish You Were Here
Curtis LeeLonely Weekends
Curtis LeePretty Little Angel Eyes
Curtis LeeUnder The Moon Of Love (45 Version)

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