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Damita JoI'll Be There (Mercury 71840a - 1961)
DanderliersChop Chop Boom
DanleersOne Summer Night
Danny & the JuniorsRock and Roll Is Here to Stay
Danny & the JuniorsSchool Boy Romance
Danny and the JuniorsA Thousand Miles Away
Danny and the JuniorsAt The Hop
Danny and The JuniorsDottie
Danny and the JuniorsNow and Then
Danny and the JuniorsPony Express
Danny And The JuniorsRock & Roll Is Here To Stay
Danny and the JuniorsSometimes
Danny and the JuniorsTwistin' USA
Danny and the SaintsNo One Has Eyes for Me (WB 5134b - 1959)
Danny CRecess In Heaven
Dante and His FriendsSomething Happens (imperial 5798a - 1961)
Darrell & The OxfordsCan't You Tell
Darrell and the OxfordsPicture In My Wallet
DartsFool in Love
DartsWho's That Knocking (1978)
DartsZing Went The Strings Of My Heart
DarvelsI Lost My Baby
DarvelsMy Heart Cries
David Gates and the AccentsWhat's This I Hear (Mala - 1960)
DawnsI Love You So Tonight
Day BrothersA Thousand Miles Away
Dean Barlow and the CricketsBe Faithful (Beacon 104 - 19xx)
Dean RandolphFalse Love
DeansDon't Let Her Cry Tonight (Tin Pan Alley 316a - 19xx)
DebonairesCause Of A Bad Romance [Combo 149a - 1958]
DebonairsMake Believe Lover
Dee ClarkRaindrops
DefendersIsland of Love
Del & the EscortsSomeone to Watch Over Me (1961)
Del CaprisMan In The Moon (Catamount 115 - 19xx)
Del SatinsDoes My Love Stand a Chance (Laurie 3147 - 19xx)
Del SatinsFeeling No Pain
Del SatinsI Don't Care
Del SatinsI'll Remember The Night
Del SatinsRead between the lines
Del StarsWhy Do You Have to Go (Mellomood)
Del VikingsA Sunday Kind of Love
Del VikingsMy Heart (BVM - 1990)
Del VikingsTrack 5
Del VikingsWhat Made Maggie Run (FeeBee 210a - 1957)
DelacardosLetter To A Schoolgirl
Del-ChordsBe With You (1963)
DelcosThose Three Little Words
De-LightsI'm Coming Home
Del-JaysChristmastime Angel
DellVikings - Come Go With Me
DellVikings - Cool Shake
DellVikings - I'm Spinning
DellVikings - Whispering Bells
Della ReesDon't You Know
DellsDreams Of Contentment
DellsI Can't Do Enough (Cadet 5636a -1969)
DellsJo Jo
DellsOh What A Night
DellsSomeone to Call Me Darling
DellsTime Makes You Change
DellsWhy Do You Have To Go
Dell-VikingsDon't Be a Fool
DelmonicosLast Night I Dreamed
DelnerosI'm So In Love
DelroysBermuda Shorts
DeltairsLullaby Of The Bells
Del-VikingsThe Bells
Del-VikingsWhen I Come Home
DemensTake Me As I Am
DemensionsCount Your Blessings
DemensionsGod's Christmas
DemilesCry and Be On Your Way
Dennis and The ExplorersEvery Road (I Walk Along) (Coral 62295b - 1961)
Dennis and the ExplorersRemembar (Coral 62295a - 1961)
DesiresLet It Please Be You
DesiresRendezvous With You
DestinairesChapel Bells (Acapella)
DestinationsI Can't Leave You
DestinationsLittle Christmas Angel
DestinationsTell Her
DestinationsThe Real Thing
DeterminationsOh My Love
DevotionsI Love You for Sentimental Reasons (Roulette 4406b - 1962)
DevotionsRip Van Winkle (acapella)
DevotionsRip Van Winkle
DevotionsSnow White CLICK REMOVAL
DevotionsSnow White
DevotionsThree Wishes (x-xxxx)
DevotionsZindy Lou
DiablosBeside You
DiablosBeside You-Studio01
DiablosBeside You-Studio01-2
DiablosThe Wind
DialsOver the Rainbow
DiamondsChimes In My Heart (1959)
DiamondsChurch Bells May Ring
DiamondsChurch Bells May Ring2
DiamondsKa Ding Dong
DiamondsLand of Beauty
DiamondsLittle Darling
DiamondsShe Say (Oom Dooby Doom) (Mercury-1959)
Diane and the DarlettesJust You (Dune 2006b - 1962)
Dicky Doo and the Dont'sNe Ne Na Na Nu Nu
DimensionsMy Foolish Heart
DimensionsOver The Rainbow
Dinah WashingtonOle Santa
Dino & The DiplomatsHush-A-Bye My Love
Dino and the DiplomatsI Can't Believe
Dino and the DiplomatsSoft Wind (Vida 102a - 1962)
Dino and the HeartspinnersPure Rock 'n' Roll
Dino and the HeartspinnersThe Promise
Dion & The BelmontsWhere Or When
Dion and the BelmontsA Lover's Prayer (Laurie 3035b - 1959)
Dion and the BelmontsBut Not For Me
Dion and The BelmontsI Wonder Why
Dion and the BelmontsMy Day
Dion and the TimberlanesThe Chosen Few
Dion(I Used To Be A) Brooklyn Dodger
Dion01 [I Used To Be A] Brooklyn Dodger
DionA Teenager In Love
DionDonna The Prima Donna
DionDrip Drop
DionI Wonder Why
DionIf I Should Fall Behind
DionLonely Teenager
DionLonely World
DionLove Came To Me
DionLovers Who Wander
DionRuby Baby
DionRunaround Sue
DionShu Bop
DionThat's My Desire
DionThe Kissin' Game (STEREO)
DionThe Wanderer
DionThis Little Girl
DionWhere Or When
DistantsAlways (Warwick 546b - 1960)
DistantsCome On (Warwick 546a - 1960)
Dobby DobsonCherie
DolphonsDance (Gemini 501 - 1962)
Dominos60 Minute Man
Don and JuanTwo Fools Are We (Big Top 3106a - 1962)
Don and JuanTwo Fools Are We
Don and JuanWhat's Your Name
Don CherryBand of Gold
Don Covay and the GoodtimersWhere Are You (Now That I Need You) (Columbia 42197 - 1961)
Don Gardner and Dee Dee FordI Need Your Lovin' (Fire 508a - 1962)
Don JuansGirl Of My Dreams - 1959
Don Julian and The MeadowlarksHeaven and Paradise
Donald Jenkins & the DelightersElephant Walk (Cortland 109a - 1963)
Donald Woods and the Vel AiresThis Paradise
Donna Lin and the RoyalsI Need Your Love (Kay 101 - 19xx)
Donnie & the Del-Chords-That Old Feeling
Donnie & The DreamersMy Memories Of You (1961)
Donnie & The DreamersRuby My Love (Decca 31312)
Donnie and the Del-ChordsI Found Heaven (Taurus 363 - xxxx)
Donnie and the Del-ChordsI Found Heaven (Taurus xxx - xxxx)
Donnie ElbertHave I Sinned
Donnie ElbertMy Confession Of Love
Donnie ELbertTell Me So (DeLuxe 6143b - 1957)
Doo Wop All StarsLooking for My Baby
DooTeensTelephone (doo wop)
Doowop Delights 324 - El Torros - Doop Doop A Walla Walla
Doowops Of RnR 212 - Cheerios - Ding Dong Honeymoon
DorellsThe Beating of My Heart (G.E.L. 4401 - 1963)
Douglas 'Jocko' HendersonBlast Off to Love
DovellsLetters Of Love (Parkway 819b - 1961)
DovellsMope-Itty Mope Stomp
DovellsSave Me Baby (Parkway 861b - 1963)
DovellsThe Bristol Stomp
DovellsYou Can't Sit Down
DownbeatsThinkin of You
DreamersBecause Of You
DreamloversAmazons and Coyotes
DreamloversAnnabelle Lee
DreamloversIf I Should Lose You
DreamloversLet Them Love And Be Loved (Herald
DreamloversMay I Kiss The Bride
DreamloversSad Sad Boy (Columbia 42752 - 19xx)
DreamloversThose Will Be The Good Old Days
DreamloversWhen We Get Married
DreamloversWhile We Were Dancing
DreamloversYou Gave Me Somebody To Love
DreamloversZoom Zoom Zoom
DreamsI Love You
DriftersDance With Me (1959)
DriftersFools Fall In Love
DriftersHoney Bee
DriftersI Count the Tears
DriftersI Know (Atlantic 1161a - 1957)
DriftersI'll Take You Where The Music Is Playing
DriftersKissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies
DriftersLittle Red Book
DriftersMoney Honey
DriftersOh My Love
DriftersOh My Love
DriftersSome Kind Of Wonderful
DriftersSuddenly There's A Valley
DriftersThe Bells of St. Mary's
DriftersUp On The Roof
DriftersYour Promise To Be Mine
DriversMidnight Hours (DeLuxe 6104b - 1957)
DriversMy Lonely Prayer (DeLuxe 6104a - 1957)
DriversSmooth, Slow and Easy
Du MauriersAll Night Long
DubsBe Sure My Love
DubsBeside My Love
DubsChapel of Dreams
DubsCould This Be Magic
DubsDon't Ask Me To Be Lonely
DubsIs There A Love For Me
DubsThis To Me Is Love
DubsWhere Do We Go From Here
DubsWisdom Of A Fool (LP Version)
DubsYour Very First Love (Whilshire 201 - 1963)
DubsYou're Free To Go
DucanesI'm So Happy
DucanesLittle Did I Know
DuettesPlease Forgive Me
DukaysFestival of Love
DukaysI Never Knew (VeeJay 460b - 1962)
Duprees(It's No) Sin
DupreesGone With the Wind
DupreesHave You Heard
DupreesI Will Never Pass This Way Again
DupreesI Wish i Could Believe You
DupreesI'm Yours
DupreesLet Them Talk
DupreesLove Eyes
DupreesMy Own True Love
DupreesSo Many Have Told Me
DupreesTake Me As I Am
DupreesThe Sky's The Limit (Heritage 808b - 1968)
DupreesWhy Don't You Believe Me
DupreesYou Belong To Me
DuskAngel Baby
DuvalsYou Came To Me
DuvellsHow Come
DynamicsForever Love
DynamicsIf I Give My Heart To You

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