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IdealsMary's Lamb (Checker 920b - 1959)
IkettesI'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song) (Atco 6212a - 1961)
IllusionsHey Boy
IllusionsLittle Girl
IllusionsThe Letter
ImaginationsGoodnight Baby
ImaginationsGuardian Angel
ImaginationsHey You
ImaginationsMystery Of You
ImaginationsWait a Little Longer Son (Ballad 500A-)
ImpaksMake Up Your Mind (1963)
ImpalasFool, Fool, Fool (Cub 9022b - 1959)
ImpalasOh What a Fool
ImpalasSorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
ImperialsBermuda Wonderful
ImperialsMy Darling (Savoy 1104a - 1953)
ImperialsTears On My Pillow
ImpossiblesChapel Bells
ImpossiblesMr Maestro (Pellegrino 1030 - 1959)
ImpressionsI'm So Proud
ImpressionsNever Let Me Go
ImpressionsYou'll Want Me Back
ImpressorsLoneliness (Cub K9010a - 1958)
InclinationsOh My Angel
Ink SpotsMy Prayer (Decca 1790a - 1939)
InnocentsGee Whiz
InnocentsKathy (1961)
InnocentsMy Heart Stood Still (WB)
InnocentsOur Love
InnocentsPlease Mr Sun
InnocentsWhen I Become a Man
InspirationsDry Your Eyes
InspirationsRing Those Bells
IntentionsMr Misery
IntentionsSummertime Angel
InteriorsDarling Little Angel [Worth 1008 - 19xx]
Intruders(We'll Be) United
IntrudersCome Home Soon
IntrudersI'm Sold On You (Gowen 1401b - 1962)
IntrudersThis Is My Love Song
IvoriesMe and You
Ivy TonesOo Wee Baby

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