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Napoleon TyceSitting Here (Norwood 105b - 19xx)
Nathaniel Mayer and the Fabulous TwilightsVillage of Love
Neighbors ComplaintThat's What You're Doing To Me
Neil SedakaRainy Day Bells (1970 rare demo)
Neil SedakaSnow Time (Decca 30520b - 1957)
NeonsGoldenDreams (1960)
NeonsMy Chickadee (Tetra 4449b - 1957)
NewmarksWhy (Chattahoochie 627b - 1963)
Newports ((3)If I Could Tonight 1961
NewportsHushabye My Love- (Crystal Ball x - 1960 & 1991)
NewportsJingle Bells (Crystal Ball)
Nick CardellArlene (Liberty 55556a - 1963)
Nicky Addeo & Bel CantosThe Vow
Nicky Addeo and The Nite OwlsBlue Star
Nicky Addeo and The Nite OwlsWould I Be Crying
Nicky and The NobelsSchool Bells
Nicky Como & The Del-SatinsJust A Little While (1962)
Nicky ComoYour Guardian Angel
NightcapsWine, Wine, Wine
Nino & the Ebb TidesJuke Box Saturday Night
Nino & The Ebb TidesSOMEDAY (I'LL FALL IN LOVE) 1961 [VDownloader]
Nino and the Ebb Tides(Someday) I'll Fall in Love
Nino and the Ebb TidesDon't Run Away (Madison 162b - 1961)
No NamesLove
NobletonesI Love You
NobletonesI'm Crying (1958)
Nolan Strong & The DiablosThe Way You Dog Me Around
Nolan Strong and the DiablosIf I (Fortune 532 - )
Norman Baskerville and The AdmirationsGonna Find My Pretty Baby
Norman Fox & The Rob Roys Do Re Mi (Back Beat1959)
Norman Fox & the Rob RoysRainy Day Bells (Back Beat 500a - 1974)
Norman Fox and Rob RoysDream Girl
Norman Fox and Rob RoysPizza Pie
Norman Fox and Rob RoysTell Me Why
Norman Fox and the Rob RoysDance Girl Dance
Norman Fox and the Rob RoysDo Re Mi (1959)
Norman Fox and the Rob RoysLover Doll (Back Beat 499a - 19xx)
Norman Fox and The Rob RoysThat´s Love
NorristonesIt's Your Love
NorristonesYou're My Angel Under the Sun
Nostalgia 5I Apologize
NotationsChapel Doors
NutmegsStory Untold
NutmegsThe Way Love Should Be (Acappella)

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