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pBelmonts - A Hundred Pounds of Clay
PacersNo Wonder I Love You
PagansLover's Plea (Music City 832a -19xx)
ParadonsDiamonds and Pearls
ParagonsBlue Velvet (Musicraft1102-1960)
ParagonsBlue Velvet
ParagonsHey Little School Girl
ParagonsLet's Start All Over Again
ParagonsSo You Will Know
ParagonsThe Vows Of Love
ParagonsTwo Hearts Are Better Than One
ParakeetsCome Back
ParakeetsShangri La (Jubilee 5407b - 1961)
ParamountsTake My Heart (Combo 156 - 19xx)
ParamountsTrying (REPLACE)
ParamountsWhy Do You Have to Go
ParamoursThere She Goes (Moonglow 214b - 1962)
ParktownsThat Day Will Never Come
ParktownsYou Hurt Me Inside (Crimson1006b-19xx)
PassionsI Only Want You
PassionsJust To Be With You
PassionsOne Look Is All It Took
PassionsThis Is My love
PastelsBeen So Long
PastelsSo Far Away
Pat Cordell and The CrescentsDarling Come Back
Patti and the EmblemsMixed Up Shook Up Girl
Patti DrewTell Him
patti LabelleAll or Nothing
Patty and the EmblemsI'm So Confused
Patty and the EmblemsYou Can't Get Away
Paul & PaulaHey Paula (F103-M-63)
Paul AnkaAll Of A Sudden My Heart Sings
Pearlean GrayFor Your Love
Pee Wee and the ProphetsTell Me (Centennial 1863B - 19xx)
Penguin Feet & Tear Drop KidLarry Move Your Hand (1977)
Penguin Feet & Tear Drop KidLarry Move Your Hand (edit) (1977)
PenguinsBaby Let's Make Some Love (Dootone 362a - 1955)
PenguinsEarth Angel
PenguinsEarth Angel
PenguinsMemories of El Monte
PenguinsMy Troubles Are Not At An End
PenguinsOokie Ook (Dootone 353b - 1954)
PentagonsI Wonder
PentagonsI'm In Love
PentagonsSHe Loves Me
PentagonsShe's Mine
PentagonsTo Be Loved
Persuasions10 Commandments of Love
PersuasionsDrip Drop 1979
PersuasionsLooking for an Echo
PharaohsOh Betty
Phil Dirt and the DozersMorse Code of Love
Phil PhillipsSea Of Love ORIGINAL
PhiladelphiansChurch Bells
PhiladelphiansComin' Home To You
PhiladelphiansMy Love, My Love
PhiladelphiansThe Love That I Lost
Philly Cuzz and the ElvesChristmas Time To Play
Philly Cuzz and the ElvesChristmas Time To Play
Philly CuzzA Beautiful Morning
Philly CuzzA Crazy Boardwalk Ride
Philly CuzzDown By The Ocean
Philly CuzzHere Am I Broken Hearted - improv (SHORT)
Philly CuzzHere Am I Broken Hearted - improv
Philly CuzzI Wish I Didn't Love You So
Philly CuzzJosephine
Philly CuzzMorse Code of Love
Philly CuzzMy Favorite Doo Wop Song
Philly CuzzOn The Way To Cape May
Philly CuzzOne Summer Night (EDIT)
Philly CuzzOne Summer Night (SHORTER EDIT)
Philly CuzzOne Summer Night
Philly CuzzThat Doo Wop Harmony
Philly CuzzThen They Wonder Why
Philly CuzzUnited (LP final)
Philly CuzzWho Do You Love
PipesYou're an Angel
Pixies Three442 Glenwood Avenue - 1964
PlantsDear I Swear (J&S 1602-)
Platters(You've Got) The Magic Touch
PlattersI Love You 1000 Times
PlattersI Need You All The Time
PlattersLove me with all your heart
PlattersMahhie Doesn't Work Here Anymore
PlattersMy Prayer
PlattersOn My Word of Honor (Original)
PlattersThe Magic Touch
PlattersTwilight Time
PlattersWith This Ring
PlayboysOver the Weekend
PlaytonesRed Cadillac and a Black Moustache
PluralsDonna My Dear
PluralsI'm Sold
PluralsMiss Annie
PoetsVowels of Love HARD LIMIT
PoetsVowels of Love
Pookie HudsonI Know I Know (Double L 711 - 1963)
Pookie HudsonI Know, I Know
Pookie HudsonI Love You For Sentimental Reasons
PrecisionsSomeone to Watch Over Me
PreludesDon't Fall In Love Too Soon
PreludesDon't You Know Love
PreludesKingdom of Love
PremiersDiary of Our Love
PremiersFalling Star (Rust 5032a - 1961)
PremiersI Pray (Fury 1029b - 1960)
PremiersI Think I Love You (Mink 021a - 19xx)
PremiersPigtails Eyes Are Blue (Fury 1029a - 1960)
PremiersValerie (Gone 5009b - 1957)
PretendersI'm So Happy
ProdigalsMarsha (1964)
ProphetsStormy (Atco 6078a - 1956) (ENDING FUCKED)
Publio and the ValiantsImage of Love
Publio and the ValiantsOut of Town
Pure GoldYour Love
Purple ReignSomebody to love
PyramidsAnkle Bracelet
PyramidsDeep in My Heart for You (Federal 12233a - 1956)
PyramidsLong Long Time (1959) Doo Wop

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