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RaidersCastle of Love (Atco 6125b - 1958)
RainbowsThey Say
RajahsI Fell in Love (Klik 7805a - 19xx)
Ralph London & DupreesSomeday You'll Be My Girl
RamadasTeenage Dreams (Phillips 40097b - 1963)
Ramblers50 50 Love
RamblersSearch My Heart
RamblersSearch My Heart2
Ran-DellsCome On and Love Me Too
Randy & the Rainbows4 Seasons Medley
Randy & the Rainbows4 Seasons Medley
Randy & The RainbowsDenise (Original)
Randy and the RainbowsDebbie
Randy and the RainbowsIn Your Letter (1982)
Randy StarrAfter School (Dale 100 - 1957)
Randy StarrThe Prettiest Girl in School (Dale 103 - 1957)
Randy StarrYou're Growin' Up
Rare Black Doo-Wop Sounds Vol. 3914 - Unknowns - You And Me
Ravels (Sherif &)Shombalor
RavensKneel and Pray (Argo 5255a - 1956)
RavensThat'll Be the Day (Argo 5276b - 1957)
Ray Allen And The UpbeatsSweet Lorraine
Ray and The DarchaesI Don't Care
Ray and the DarchaesLittle Girl So Fine (Aljon 1250a - 19xx)
Ray CharlesI Got a Woman
Ray CharlesRuby
Ray StevenIndian Love Call
Ray StevensThe Clown (Capitol)
Raymond LewisI'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You (Instant 3242a - 1962)
RaysDaddy Cool
RaysMagic Moon
RedondosThat's the Way it Goes
Reflections(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
ReflectionsRocket to the Moon (1962)
ReflectionsShabby Little Hut
ReflectionsYou're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It)
RegentsBarbara Ann
RegentsLaura My Darling
RelationsUntil We Two Are One (Kape504-19xx)
Rendezvous, TheIt Breaks My Heart (Rust 5041 - 1961)
Reparata and the DelronsWhenever A Teenager Cries (1964)
ResonicsI'm Really In Love
ReunionWonderful Tonight
RevalonsDreams Are For Fools
RevellsFalse Alarm
RevelsSo In Love
RevelsTalkin to My Heart
Richard Barrett & GroupSmoke Gets In Your Eyes
Richard BarrettLoveable (Metro 20006a - 1957)
Richard Blandon and the DubsWherever You Are
Richard Lanham (12 Year Old) and Tempo TonesOn Your Radio
Richie AdamsDon't Go My Love Don't Go (Ribbon 6913b - 1960)
Richie Allen and the EbonisticsEchoes of November
Richie RosatoDoo Wop in My Soul
Richie RosatoDoo Wop World
Richie RosatoForever
Richie ValensWe Belong Together
Rick and the KeensPeanuts
Rick and The MastersI Don't Want Your Love
Rick and the MastersPlease Let It Be You
Ricky Dee and The EmbersWork Out (Parts 1 and 2)
Ricky LyonsHave No Fear
Rico and The RavensDon't You Know
RiffsLittle Girl (Sunny 22 - 1964)
Rivieras11th Hour Melody
RivierasCount Every Star
RivierasMoonlight Cocktails
RivierasMoonlight Serenade
RivierasMy Friend (CoEd 538a - 1960)
RivierasNeither Rain Nor Snow (Coed 508b - 1959)
RivierasOur Love (CoEd 513 - 19xx)
RivierasSerenade In Blue
RivierasSince I Made You Cry (Coed 522b - 1959)
RivierasStay In My Heart
RivileersDon't Ever Leave Me (Baton209)
RivingtonsWeejee Walk
Rob RoysTell Me Why
Robert & JohnnyDon't Do It
Robert & JohnnyI Believe In You (Old Town 1021a - 1956)
Robert and JohnnyEternity with You (Old Town 1058a - 1958)
Robert and JohnnyMarry Me
Robert and JohnnyWe Belong Together
Robert KleinFabulous 50s
RobinsIt's Never Too Late (Knight 2008 - 19xx)
RobinsWhite Cliffs Of Dover
Rochelle and the CandlesEach Night
Rochelle and the CandlesOnce Upon A Time
Rochelle and the CandlesSo Far Away
Rochelle JohnsonPlaying the Field
Rock N' RhythmWonderful Tonight
Rock 'n' Roll Era-That's What Girls Are Made For - The Spinners
Rock 'n' Roll Era-That's What Girls Are Made For
Rock-A-TeensWoo Hoo (Roulette 4192a - 1959)
RockersCount Every Star (Carter 3029 - 1955)
Rocket 88sRuby Baby
RocketonesDee I
RocketonesMexico (horn version)
Rockin DukesAn Angel and a Rose
Rockin' Louie and the MammajammersClub Savoy
Rod LaurenIf I Had A Girl
Roger and the TravelersYou're Daddy's Little Girl
RomancersI Still Remember (Dootone381-1955)
Rome and ParisBecause Of You (Roulette 4681 - 1966)
Ron HoldenLove You So (07-1960)
Ronnie and the Hi LitesA Slow Dance
Ronnie and the Hi LitesI Wish That We Were Married
Ronnie and the Hi LitesWhat the Next Day May Bring (Win 250b - 196x)
Ronnie and The HighlightsI Want To Slow Dance
Ronnie and the RelativesMy Guiding Angel
Ronnie Cates and the TravelersLong Time
Ronnie DouglasRun Run Run
Ronnie DoveSay You (Diamond 167)
Ronnie HaigTraveler of Love
Ronnie Jones and the ClassmatesLonely Boy
RoomatesSanta (STEREO)
RoomatesSomeone To Watch Over Me
RoommatesBand of Gold
RoommatesSome Kind of Fool
RosebudsDearest Darling
Rosie & the OriginalsMy Darling Forever
Rosie And The OriginalsA Thousand Stars
Rosie and the OriginalsAngel Baby
Rosie And The OriginalsLonely Blue Nights
RoulettesI See A Star
Roxy and The DaychordsI'm So In Love
Roy TysonOh What a Night for Love (iT-19xx)
Roy TysonOh What A Night For Love
Roy TysonThe Girl I Love (Double L 733a - 19xx)
Royal CountsMade Up My Mind (Acappella)
Royal DriftersLittle Linda (Teen 506b - 1959)
Royal JestersI Know I Know
Royal JestersLove Me
Royal JestersLove Me
Royal JestersWisdom of a Fool
Royal TeensBelieve Me
Royal TeensWas It A Dream (Capitol 4335x - 19xx)
Royal-AiresYou're In Love - 1957 Gallo 110
RoyalettesI Want to Meet Him
RoyalsEvery Beat of My Heart (Federal 12064a - 1952)
RoyalsI Feel So Blue (Federal 12121b - 1953)
RoyalsShrine Of St. Cecelia (Federal 12121a - 1953)
RoyaltonesFlamingo Express
RoyaltonesHong Kong Jelly Wong
RoyaltonesNever Let Me Go (Old Town 1018b - 1956)
Ruben GuevaraThe Star Spangled Banner
Ruby and the RomanticsMy Summer Love
RunaroundsCarrie, You're an Angel (Felsted 8704b - 1964)

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