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VA_DooWopYour Way_Zircons
VA_DooWopYour Way_Zircons
Valens, RichieDonna
ValentinesDon't Say Goodnight
ValentinesIf You Love Me (Really Love Me) (Sound Stage 7 2663a - 1970)
ValentinesIf You Love Me, Pretty Baby (-)
ValentinesLily Maebelle
ValentinesLily Maebelle
ValentinesWoo Woo Train
ValentinosLooking For a Love
ValiantsThis Is the Nite (Keen 2120a - 1960)
ValraysYo Me Pregunto (I Ask Myself) (Parkway 904a - 1962)
Van DykesI've Got to Go on Without You
Van DykesMiracle After Miracle-
Van DykesThe Bells Are Ringing
VanDells - Morse Code of Love
Vance MaestroYou've Lost That Loving Feeling
Varetta DillardJohnny Has Gone (Savoy 1153a - 1955)
Varetta DillardYou Better Come Home (Cub K9091a - 1961)
V-EightsMy Heart (Vibro 4005b - 19xx)
VeloursCan I Come Over Tonight
VeloursCan I Walk You Home
VeloursI Apologize
VeloursI'm Gonna Change
VeloursRemember (Onyx 520a - 1958)
VeloursThis Could Be The Night
Vel-TonesI Need You So (Zara 901-M-61)
VelvelettesNeedle In A Haystack
Velvet AngelsFools Rush In
VelvetonesGlory of Love
VelvetsTonight (Could Be The Night)
Vernon Green and the MedallionsBuick 59 (DooTone 202 - 1956)
VersatilesCrying (Atlantic 2004b - 1958)
VersatilesLundee Dundee
VersatilesPassing By
VersatonesTight Skirt And Sweater
VespersMr. Cupid
VibrationsAll My Love Belongs To You (Checker 987b - 1961)
VibrationsOh Cindy (Checker 1002 - 1961)
VibrationsOver The Rainbow
Vic Donna and the ParakeetsLove was a Stranger to Me (Atlas 1075a -1955)
Vic Donna GroupBig Night for Love
ViceroysDreamy Eyes
VidaltonesSomeone to Love
VidelsMr Lonely
VidelsWe Belong Together
VideosTrickle Trickle
Vince Castro & the TonettesBong Bong
ViscountsThat Stranger (Used to Be My Girl)
VisionsLook at Me Now
VisionsTeenager's Life
VisualsLook At The Moon
Vito & The SalutationsI Want You To Be My Baby
Vito And The SalutationsEenie Meenie
Vito and The SalutationsGloria
Vito and The SalutationsUnchained Melody
VocaleersHear My Plea
VocaleersI Need Your Love So Bad
VocaleersThe Night is Quiet
VoguesMagic Town
VoguesNothing to Offer You
VolumeI Love You
Volume'sI Love You
VowsI Want a Chance
VoxpoppersWishing For Your Love (AMP3)(A1004-B)

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